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This amazing person and artist is one of the few whom we can absolutely call an initiate. Keeping aloof and not affiliating with any creative groups and trends, he doesnt tolerate any familiarity in art. Efross has created his own portrait gallery: his portrait theater is a mystic one.
// Scott Monthomeri

Efross is eager to turn his every work into parable about Art at that not resorting to rhetorical and symbolical eloquence. His heroes settle in the pictorial Hermitage without losing their plastic individuality.
// Michail Sokoloff.

In the field of Fine Arts the audience recognizes the most famous artists from the first glance on their work. But there are no rules without exceptions. For example it is Picasso.
Not only he has different periods (sky-blue, pink) and absolutely opposite styles (from realism to cubism, symbolism, expressionism and etc), he is also a great master in painting as well as in graphic, ceramics, and sculpture. He is clearly an innovator in everything his genius touches due to his irrepressible temperament, fertile imagination, improvisation and aspiration for new impressions, sensations and conditions. It is not possible to fit him into some kind of a trend or a style. Pablo Picasso is too versatile for that.
So why are we speaking about this great artist for so long?
The necessity to speak about Picasso emerges as soon as we address to the works of Leonid Efross. He is a portraitist, a landscape painter, a realist, a surrealist, an expressionist and, at last, an abstract artist who calls this genre associative painting.
For better understanding of the works of Leonid Efross we can compare him with Pablo Picasso. They are alike by their interests, temperament, improvisation, disposition in Arts. There are no other analogues.
On this site you can find the works of different time, genres and trends which will give you an opportunity to meet the acquaintance with the works of Master.
// Pavel Kuznetsoff

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